Photo Studio Singapore, Red Studios was founded in 2014. Since its inception, Red Studios has steadily rose to become one of Singapore leading Photo Studio Singapore niching in Family Photography, Maternity Photography, Kids Photography, Newborn Photography, Corporate Photography and Graduation Photography.

We bring our along our own unique blend of creative and delight to your photo studio Singapore shoot. Have we mention that we are super easy to work with, as long as you agree to all the crazy poses we get you to do. Kidding! However, we know that arranging for a Family shoot, Maternity Shoot, Newborn Shoot and Graduation shoot is no easy feat. Don’t worry; we are here to help. We sometimes find ourselves playing the role of the "crazy uncle", as we help anxious Singaporean parents, figure out what makes their children laugh. Not kidding. Nevertheless, we never get tired of listening to what our customers' kids love; their toys, their special blanky; etc.

At our photo studio Singapore, each shoot is treated with zest and creativity not found with many other photo studio Singapore or maternity shoot studio. Your photo studio shoot is carefully captured to offer a one of a kind unique experience at possibly the best photo studio in singapore.

We provide Family shoot, Maternity Shoot, Newborn Shoot and Graduation shoot. We also provide Single glamour, corporate shoot, products shoot, blog shop photography and food photography. You may notice that there will definately be one package that will suit your needs.

This is Singapore family photography and Photo Studio Singapore, all helmed by Singapore family shoot photographers and Singapore studio photographer born, breed, and raised in Singapore. We pride ourselves to provide the best experience a Photo Studio Singapore has to offer.

The Red Studios Family


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