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"On this special day, we like to thank all the Greatest Mothers in the world.....Mothers balances so many roles and she does it all with a smile. And though we feel it in our hearts, but sometimes leave our appreciation unsaid. Mother's Day is the perfect time to show her your love and make her feel special with a photo session and it will be a special gift for the whole family as well."

Happy Mother's Day from all of us at Red Studios! 

9 Reasons Why You should have your Family Photos taken Annually.

Here are 9 reasons why you should have your Family Photo taken at a Photo Studio Singapore every year.

1. Your kids grow up in a blink of the eye.

Every parent should know that your child(ren) grow up really quickly and they look different at every stage, especially during the earlier years.  Your family will never be exactly the same as it is today and capturing these precious memories now means you can have them forever.

So don't missed the golden years!

2. Its not easy to take pictures of your own child(ren).

Even if you are very good at photography and managing your child(ren), its really difficult to get them seated quietly and looking at the camera (you) to take a photo. The reason is that the child(ren) are too comfort with you.  If you use force, they will sit and stare at you without a smile.

Having a friendly photographer take photos of your family helps because most kids "behave" in front of a stranger, giving him/her a chance to take the proper family photo for you at the beginning. After warming up, he/she will then proceed to take the fun shots!

3. Studios uses mono bloc (Studio Flash) that freezes the action.

Most studio uses mono bloc (studio flash) to capture your family photo. The flashes have a short flash duration which freeze the actions so its easier to shoot sharper images of your kids. 

4. You look better with lights.

Most customers agree that studio lights do make them look a lot better.  Younger and slimmer with a glow. :)

5. Making it a family tradition.

Make this an annual family tradition is totally important. Ask yourself how many of us still take photos with our own extended family annually? We only do it when there's a important milestone like graduation, wedding, etc... 

If you make it a point to have a family photo annually, you child(ren) will get use to this idea and  even do this after they are married. 

Remember, children grows quickly and parents aged fast. Life changes way too quickly. Unless you slow down a little to snap a couple photos, all you’ll have to remember about 2010 or 2016 is your forgetful memory.

6. You will be in it.

One of the reasons I heard from friends why they don't do family photo is that they have a DSLR camera and they shot their kids a lot. Well, the photos you do at a studio is with you in it, not behind the camera. You are part of the family and you should be in the photo, not taking the photo. 

7. Canvas / Prints are important.

Most family photo packages comes with a print and its really important. Prints hanged around the house reminds us of our family. Who is in the family. Its a wonderful keepsake, irreplaceable.

Many of us takes digital copies of photos now in our phone and cameras but hardly have to time to review them.

Print/Canvas makes great decoration for your home or office

8. The Child(ren) will thank you for it.

Imagine not having the latest family photo taken and your child(ren) have to leave for studies overseas for 4-5 years. They don't even have the latest family photo to remember the family by.

The least we can do is give them something to giggle over during the time overseas. Photos connect people, even when you are miles apart.

9. The family will be all dressed up.

Wouldn't you just love it when everyone in the family dresses up like a family? It will never happen during other times. This is one of the only time when everyone can dressed in the same dress code and colour coordinated way.


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Hi Mic!! If you remember Mic, one of our regulars whom we have done for her graduation, maternity, newborn & now she's here for her 2nd family shoot with us again! Look how Ellara has grown up into a beautiful little girl...we shot her newborn portraits one year ago! Ellara is here for 1 year old photo shoot! We are so proud to be able to capture all these memorable  moments for her! Thank you very much for your full support to us!